The department of Visual Art has 13 state-of-the-art studios and labs for Photography, Sculpture, Screen Printing, Computing Lab, Graphics & Print Making, Applied Arts and Painting. These studios are well equipped with Litho Press, Etching Press, Rolling Beds, Screen Tables, Tracing Tables, Compressors, Spray Guns, Easels, Revolving Tables, Furnace and Vise, Cameras, Reflectors, enlarger, Audio-Visual room etc.

Present details of infrastructural facilities:

  1. Library 

Books in the Central Library – 656

Reference Books- 109

Books in the Departmental Library – 100

 Journals and Art Magazines subscribed by the department : 08

E- library has been setup for the students and the staff.

Independent sitting arrangement for research scholar in the library

Reading room – 01

Seminar room – 01

Reference and periodical section 01

  1. Internet facilities for staff and students – The campus is Wi Fi, internet facilities are available in all the computer labs , departments and personal computers of staff and students which can be operated by personal account ID and given passwords.

For students – only on laptops

For Staff – on Laptop and Cell Phone

c) Total number of class rooms  - 02 ( even the studios with table chairs are also used as class rooms for theory classes)

d)  Class rooms with ICT facility – 02 in the department itself  and the department also has access to classrooms with ICT facility on sharing basis.

e)  Students’ studios -11 (Sculpture, Screen Printing, Computer, Graphics and Print Making, Applied, Painting, Drawing & Painting Studio, Furnace Room, Study Studio).

f) Display Gallery- 01

g) Research studios:  All the studios are used as the research studios.