Poster Making Competition on 'EVERY DROP COUNTS, DO YOUR BIT' organised by The Times of India and Water Sanitation and Support Organisation, Department of Public Health and Engineering, Govt. of Rajasthan, ,

How will one make its contribution in creating awareness on water conversation in this hour of need. The students of Bachelor’s of visual arts, The IIS University got this opportunity on 11th January 2020 when a poster making activity was organised by THE TIMES OF INDIA & WATER SANITATION SUPPORT ORGANISATION (Public health and engineering department).

It was an initiative to conserve water, save life. Around 43 students took part in this awareness campaign. Their contribution came out in the forms of various digital and manual posters, all talking about ‘ EVERY DROP COUNTS, DO YOUR BIT.’ Each and every poster had a strong visual impact. The colors, compositions,visuals and slogan all came out beautifully together.A new perspective was seen on this topic through various colors and thoughts the students had.

At the end of the activity everyone left with a feeling of responsibility towards the society and nature. All the students received a participation certificate along with very appreciative words from the organisers which motivated them to become a part of such initiatives more often.