Demonstration of company's products 31st August 2015

Camlin Art Foundation demonstrated an advanced range of company’s products for students and professional artists and designers. All students of Visual Arts Department and faculty members attended the same. Diverse mediums of colours, palettes and canvases were introduced by CAF team and its uses were demonstrated by Mr. Giriraj Sharma and Mr. Shwet Goel. Mr. Sharma showed the quickest and easiest way to create a nice moody black and white portrait. In this 30 minutes full demonstration, Sir taught all about the entire process of Portrait Drawing in Charcoal. The values of light and shadow were interpreted to teach the methodology of creating an illusion of life on a two-dimensional surface.
Mr. Goel prepared the canvases by applying texture using diverse material and tools. After the medium dried on canvas surface, it formed an absorbent base that was painted over. Sir then demonstrated the acrylic medium technique applying it on the prepared canvas. Using the acrylic colours he highlighted certain areas of the painting to draw attention of viewer. Many tips were given by experts during their demo.