'Iss Diwali bas Khushhali'- Diwali video acitivity, October 2020

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Creating thoughtful messages through softwares, photography, acting and skills with a purpose of visualising the outcome and implementing the message in a purposeful way has always been a part of Applied Arts. The student is given a platform to be a visualiser and creator, all at the same time. 

With a situation not so favourable due to pandemic and Diwali being around the corner, hence the Department of Fine Arts came up with an activity ‘Iss Diwali bas Khushhali’ to make the world aware that happiness can be shared no matter the conditions and sharing is what really matters after all. A Diwali video was created under the guidance of Ms.Sheetal Chitlangiya where 10 students of semester V made video clippings. This activity was done in light to prepare the world to celebrate Diwali in a safe, happy and hygienic manner.

Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil, it seems as though this year has been nothing short of a year of triumph, a year where we didn’t allow the consequences of the pandemic to crush our spirit. It has been a year that has helped us to discover our strength. As we celebrate this joyous festival this year, it is important to understand, undertake precautions and spread festive spirit. Social distancing has become a norm and video calling is the resort people are opting to connect with their loved ones. During all these difficult times we found happiness in giving gifts to craftsmen, sweepers, potters and all the people who are spreading love and care in the world. Many of them were working daily despite the disease spreading so fast. Many were facing challenges in their life, struggling to survive, their business on the verge of getting shut down because of the advent of china made lights and decoratives. Students understood all these aspects and tried bringing them forward to the public. Wishing everyone a prosperous Diwali along with a nice message.

Who doesn’t face any problem in any task, these students were no exception. But that’s a part of their learning. How to overcome them with the given resources makes them aware of their skills on a better level. Understanding the angles, frames, lights which would suit the best, multiple retakes and editing the final video to show the world has been a task. 

All students made efforts to make people aware about how important life is, to enjoy it no matter what obstacle comes in the way. The technicalities, behind the scenes is an experience for the students that they will not forget. How a video can be used as media to spread a social message and wishes too, reaching a lot of people with one video is what was the outcome from this activity.  Learning is a journey, the best way for a student is to let them navigate, push them to explore, watch them discover, encourage their questions, allow them to struggle and support their thinking. This video itself shows the hard work and efforts each student has put. So keep the surrounding clean, this Diwali don’t be mean and go green.